Friday, January 18, 2019

We had a really busy Friday!  We started with a wonderful mass led by Father John and continued onto math.  After some review with fractions, we worked our way into adding three mixed numbers using the associative and commutative property (the order of the addends doesn't matter).  I created an optional math practice page for the weekend of converting to and from mixed numbers.  The kids were able to chose if they wanted to complete the practice over the weekend.

The kids planned out their barrier systems yesterday in their science groups, and today they built and tested them.  This was really fun and they loved seeing who was successful in guiding the boulders into the catch.  Next week the groups will create an entire system- catch and barriers on a budget!

After lunch we spent our afternoon on language arts.  The kids took their spelling test and then we read from our novel.  We read through chapter 7.  Our main character has just fallen asleep in New York but awoken from a nap in Italy!  We spent the rest of our time editing and typing stories about a treasure map.  We will finish the final copies on Tuesday!

Remember there's no school on Monday! Enjoy your long weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tonight's homework is the even problems on math practice 7.8.  I told the kids to do their best and that we'd go over them tomorrow.  If completing this assignment is WAY too much and there are tears or fights, please stop and I'll go over with them in the morning!

The kids received their novels, The Orphan of Ellis Island this afternoon.  We will complete almost all the reading for this at school, along with discussions about the readings and completion of some questions and quizzes.  Spelling words this week and next are from this book.

The kids were able to work on and complete a webquest about Ellis Island this morning.  They had videos, pictures, and text to read on an interactive tour.

Monday, January 14, 2019

We ended our day by leading the school rosary this afternoon!  The kids did AMAZING!  The composure and reverence they showed was outstanding- even our non-readers are to be commended for their support and reverence!

We took our unit 3 language arts assessment today- part 1.  We will finish tomorrow.  Spelling words are from the novel we will be starting this week.  There are only 16 words.

We also watched a short video about Ellis Island today.  Tomorrow the kids will complete a web-quest tomorrow about Ellis Island.  The novel we are going to start is called The Orphan of Ellis Island.

We added and subtracted mixed numbers today in math.  It went really well and the kids worked quite hard!

No homework tonight!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy Friday!

We had a jam packed day!  We had lots of fun creating catches for our avalanche protection system! I tried to send pics to the blog, but they've not come through yet :(

We finished up our language arts unit this week, and will start a novel next week!

We continued to work on improper fractions and mixed numbers in math.  Mrs. DiPasquale and Mrs. Wallace came in to work on the class auction project this afternoon and the project looks AMAZING!

Scholastic orders due Tuesday, January 15th!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

We had quite a busy day today!  We finished up our centers in language arts and practiced identifying main idea and un-supporting details in sample paragraphs.  Tonight's homework is to re-read Ecology for Kids.

Math was really fun today- we started learning about improper fractions and mixed numbers.  Homework tonight is different each child, as some of us are more familiar with converting between the two than others.  We really focused on the what and why of the skill today. The kids worked really hard and did a wonderful job! They were instructed to take home our work page from today (it must come back tomorrow) as a reference for hw.

Tonight and tomorrow are play try-outs.  Students must attend both days, but everyone will be given a part!

Tomorrow is library day- most kids returned their books before break, but if your child was absent, please check and make sure their books have been returned :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful break! We had a wonderfully productive first day back.

We read Ecology for Kids and completed a main idea graphic organizer together in language arts.  There will be a spelling test on Friday!

The kids had some time to work in their groups to create a "catch" for our avalanche protection unit.

We reviewed fractions by playing BINGO!  The kids did a really great job!

Tonight's homework is a little different:

We have a new email host and the kid's accounts need to be verified.
Please visit and have your child log into their email- all info is the same as when using microsoft365.  For example, email addresses still end in  Please follow the prompts and complete the verification process.  Once in, the kids will reset their pw----it will be the same as it was originally, except for the "T" will be lowercase now.  If everyone is able to do this, we should be able to access our classwork tomorrow and start learning how to create documents!!! Thank you for your help!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thank you Mrs. DiPasquale and Mrs. Wallace for hosting a fun Christmas party this afternoon!  What a great way to get into the holiday spirit! 

Tomorrow is a half day and there's no aftercare!  We have mass at 8:15, per usual, and then we will watch 5th grade present their colonies.  We will end our day with a sing a long with the student council!