Tuesday, August 22, 2017

No homework tonight!  woohoo.....except study spelling I suppose!

The kids have been working really hard to estimate and subtract!  We are still working on it and I hope to be ready to take our place value test on Thursday.  We will spend tomorrow reviewing some more and a review page will come home for hw. 

We starting brainstorming for a short story today.  Our goal is to write a short story (about another person) that contains an attention grabber at the beginning, descriptive words, and dialogue!  We just began brainstorming this morning and will continue through the process as the week progresses.

We talked about magnets in science!  Today was exploratory in nature and the kids discovered what types of things stick to magnets.  As we move on we will get into temporary magnetism, the poles, and electromagnets.

The kids did a really nice job in social studies today!  They read about physical and human land features.  I'm pleased with their understanding of the features during our lesson :)

Science tests are coming home.  This was our first test and we spend a lot of time talking it over!  Questions 8 and 9 were looked at by me, but not included in their grade.  Explaining things is REALLY hard at this stage and I wanted to see how they did. We went over the answers in great detail! We also reviewed the rest of the test.  I was pleased overall with the outcome!  We will continue to work on explaining our reasoning using content specific vocabulary so it's clear!  

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Eclipse Day!  We were able to watch the live stream of the Eclipse today and the kids loved it!

Despite our very busy morning, we were able to review open and closed syllables and talk about different types of sentences.  We're having some trouble with naming the sentences using interrogative, declarative, exclamatory, and imperative.  Tonight's homework is vocabulary skill review and types of sentence review. Spelling words are also coming home in planners.

The kids used their notebook to take the science test for investigation 1, circuits.  We went over some strategies on how to use our notes before taking the test.  I can't wait to see how they did!  We will begin magnets tomorrow.

We started estimating to subtract today.  Subtraction is a little more challenging than addition for us.  It takes longer and so sometimes the kids get discouraged that they aren't blowing though it as quickly as they did for addition.  We will continue to work on this tomorrow!

Tonight is the middle school curriculum night for those who need to attend!  

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Our Stream activity was to try to splash the most water out of a cup! We will be graphing our results on Monday!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thank you to everyone who came to Curriculum Night last night!  If you weren't able to make it, I emailed the power point earlier this morning.  Please take a moment to look through it! 

Today flew by!  We had a lot of fun in math this morning.  Even though math can be quite challenging, the kids are working REALLY hard on learning new skills!  After some review, the class was given an independent work assignment.  After they finished, we broke into 3 groups.  One group reviewed their work with me.  The other played a mystery number game, and the third partnered up and worked on a place value challenge worksheet.  After 10-15 minutes we rotated locations.  The kids did fantastic!

For language arts today we practiced breaking words into syllables based on their VCV or VVCV pattern.  We also did some more work with prefixes.  I had them write some sentences in their notebooks using cursive.  OH the drama!!!! hahaha You may need to ice some hands later after all that writing ;) 

The kids built parallel circuits today in science!  Every group discovered at least one way to do this (there are 5)!   Tonight's homework is to read Edison Sees the Light and Parallel Circuits in their Energy reader.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Quick reminder- tomorrow is Curriculum Night. It begins in the church at 6PM!  See you there!

We started our day with a mass to honor the Assumption.  After we returned from this beautiful celebration we got right into our next religion lesson, discussing the consequences Adam and Eve suffered due to The Fall.  We completed the activity page- using complete sentences-together so the kids will know what to expect moving forward on religion work.

We took our end of lesson language arts assessments today.  Our "week" ends on  Tuesday for language arts, but we will take the assessments as we are ready, which means they won't all be on the same day.  This is different from last year, but the kids adjust quite quickly! We will begin reading our next story tomorrow!

Science was fun today.  Ms. Flores led the class in a lesson testing a set of objects, as well as items around the room, to find out if they were conductors of electricity or if they were insulators.  One great discovery was that even though metal object conduct electricity, metal that's painted (i.e. water bottles) won't!  We will move onto parallel and series circuits tomorrow.

We finished up Arizona map reading today.  The kids worked in pairs to read a longitude and latitude map of Arizona.

We had just enough time to begin discussing our Annual School Supply Drive!!!!! This is one of my favorite activities!  Our class plans and implements a school supply drive.  This year our collected school supplies will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul.  We do this in honor of our classroom saint, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton, who as fate would have it, started the Sisters of Charity, which the Daughters of Charity-the sisters who run the St. Vincent de Paul school in Phoenix- has branched from. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton studied St. Vincent de Paul's teaching closely.  Even here in Phoenix the Vincentians (priests who are placed at SVdp) and the Daughters work closely to this day!  Anyway, our drive will be held the last week in August, but we will advertise starting next week :)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Today was our first Monday of the year!  We have music and Spanish on Mondays!   We had a very fun, busy day.  This morning the kids arrived to daily math and language practice on their desks.  We complete a few math and language problems each morning to wake up our brains :)  We review the answers and how to solve the problems each morning.  We then went onto language arts.  We started with decoding, which had us practicing breaking words into syllable based on the vowel sound in VCV words.  The kids used their white boards to write and divide words.  We also read Because of Bookends, a short information text in our Journeys book.  The class is bringing home their spelling words today!  The test will be on Friday.  

We read about the fall of Adam and Eve in religion today.  We will add some notes comparing their lives before and after The Fall tomorrow.  We will also be working on our service project this week- the 2nd Annual School Supply Drive!  The collection will be the last week of August :)

A math page is coming home from Friday.  The scores are not stellar ;(  That's ok though, we went over each question again today.  Large numbers are giving us some trouble.  Once the number goes into the hundred thousands, things get challenging.  Tonight's homework is to compare and order large numbers, which we learned about today in class.

Science was fun today! We built circuits with switches!  Tomorrow the kids will continue to test conductors and insulators!  

Homework tonight is math (practice 1.3 and to reread Winn Dixie and practice page 5).