Thursday, November 16, 2017

Happy Thursday!  Tonight's homework is an antonym worksheet and to re-read Dear Mr. Winston.

Today in math we starting long division!!!! aaaaahhhh!!!!  We spent the entire class practicing division in some form and the last half with long division.  We will be needing lots of practice on long division :)  We will spend lots of time with this!  We still have some kids who aren't clear on their basic multiplication and division facts, so please please please  practice at home!!!!  We do not review basic facts, we use them and we move quickly at this point.  The kids worked so hard today!  No homework in math, as we aren't ready for that much independent practice!  Next week we'll have a lot!

We identified conjunctions in compound sentences today.  We also spent some time talking about the fact that certain conjunctions work with certain situations, we can't just use any of them any time!  We also read about snakes of the southwest.  The kids loved it!  We will research some snakes later in the week!

The kids added salt water to their seeds in science.  Salt was dissolved in water and added to the previously planted seeds.  The plants will be observed over time.  They also go to let go of their beetles.  We were sad to set them free, as they loved to observe them!

Just some reminders for next week:  Tuesday is our Thanksgiving Feast!  After all classes have eaten, all grades will participate in the 3rd annual STREAM Day!  4th grade will combine with 2nd grade to create a turkey rocket.  If you know that your child won't be here next week, please let me know so I can plan groups accordingly!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Tonight's homework is a language arts worksheet and a math practice page! We had a very productive day!

The info everyone really wants.....tomorrow's field trip.....
*We will depart by 9AM and arrive to Mesa just before 10.
*Our first set of activities begins at 10.  It's entirely outside....please apply sunscreen before school. Hats and sunglasses are fine for this portion of the trip.
*Lunch will be eaten outside.  Please pack a sack lunch for tomorrow- even the chaperones!
*After lunch we will drive to our second location, the museum.
*We will tour the museum until around 1:30.  We should be back at school around 2:15/2:30.

Other info:
*The teacher will assign children to cars and groups on the trip.  Please do not attempt to make arrangements on your own, as they will not be guaranteed.
*All drivers have completed the required forms and training in order to be accepted as drivers.
*Water bottles are fine, however, plastic water bottles are also fine, just in case we lose anything!
*Spirit shirts with uniform bottoms (belt included).  If your child arrives at school in anything else, you will be called to bring appropriate clothing.  If you cannot bring it, they will stay back. 
*There will be no stopping to or from the field trip.
*Send in a snack as usual tomorrow.  We will eat it early!