Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What a full day we had today!  We got quite a bit accomplished and the kids worked really hard!  We read a new story today, Harvesting Hope, about Cesar Chavez.  The kids listened to it on-line today and we will read it a second time together to discuss tomorrow! We also reviewed some common suffixes.  The kids had to use specific words with suffixes to create a short story.  They wrote cute stories! 

In math we did some word problems using money.  They kids worked in pairs and then they had to come up and show and explain how they solved the problems.  They did fantastic explaining their steps to their classmates! Tonight's homework is to complete the mid-chapter check point (both sides). 

For science we watched a video and took notes on fossils.  Tonight's homework is to read from their text about fossils. 

In religion we read and discussed how Jesus is both a human and God, and how hard that was for some Jews to understand!  

We ended our day with some typing practice on the laptops!  

Thank you to everyone who signed and retuned the digital citizenship permission slips!  If you haven't done so, please sign tonight and return.  

Daddy and Daughter Dance RSVP due back in April, but the office will take them anytime! 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Today we learned about decimals to the hundredths place in math.   The kids are enjoying decimals so far :) Their homework is a practice worksheet tonight.

In language arts we did a lot of practice with prepositions.  The kids are doing good at identifying prepositions and prepositional phrases!  I received almost all language arts packets back today.  They were handed out last week and due today.  If your child didn't complete their packet they missed recess today :(

Spelling words this week are ALL 50 abbreviations!  I gave the kids the list, but made them label a blank map to get started on some state identification!  Please remember to help them study for their state test on April 23rd.  They will need to label a blank map with the state name and capital for all 50 states- spelling counts.

We read about telling the truth in religion today.  We had a nice discussion about all the times it's hard to tell the truth!

We ended our day with Stations of the Cross led by the 5th grade.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

We spent our day largely on science!  The kids loved it :)  hahah  We compared a "standard run" to a raised slope and to a flood.  We've been talking about erosion and deposition and this helps us see erosion taking place. 

We read a new story in language arts today, Hercules' Quest.  Then the kids worked in pairs to complete a beginning, middle, and end plot chart.  

The kids did GREAT solving word problems using multiplication with fractions!  

Tomorrow is our retreat.  Kids should wear their school uniforms.  We will be outdoors for the morning, so please apply sunscreen and send a water bottle and sack lunch.  We will return to school mid-day to complete our retreat with three different stations.  It promises to be a great day!

Monday, March 12, 2018

A bunch of papers/maps came home today for the kids to use to prepare for the states and capitals test.  The date of the test is April 23rd.  The kids will receive a blank map and they will have to label the states and their capitals------SPELLING COUNTS!  They also need to know the abbreviations.  We will test on abbreviations the week prior.  I will provide the state and they will write the abbreviation.  Studying for this test will largely take place at home.  While we will spend some class time on studying, please actively help your child at home.  You may copy the sheets I sent home and use as you'd like!

I will be collecting the rice bowls March 23-26th (before Easter break).

The play, Beauty and the Beast is premiering this weekend!!!!  We have tons of 4th graders in the cast.  If you're interested in coming to the play, you can purchase tickets HERE!

Our retreat is Wednesday!  Thank you to everyone who has signed up to send items in, drive, and help for our centers!  The day is a very special day and it takes lots of hands to make it run smoothly!

We had a lot to catch up on in language arts today!  We finished our centers, typed the final copy of our friendly letters, held vocabulary conversations, and took the final 2 weekly assessments.  New spelling lists are coming home today, too!