Thursday, August 25, 2016

This morning we added Seth to our Old Testament Timeline.  We finished reading about Cain and Abel today and were introduced to Seth, whose decedents is where Jesus will come from.

After we reviewed our homework this morning, we practiced estimating and subtracting!  Subtracting takes a little longer than adding and with all the regrouping there are more chances for errors.  The kids worked really hard!  

We watched part of a virtual field trip in science today.  We have been talking about soil and rocks, so we visited a working farm in IL to hear about how they use technology to ensure that their soil is nutrient-filled!  We will complete the "trip" tomorrow. 

We were able to squeeze in about 20 minutes of group work time for our social studies projects.  I promised an extended work time tomorrow!  

In language arts we practiced more with quotations as a whole group, and dividing words with the VCCV pattern into syllables.  Remember, each vowel sound gets its own syllable! We then broke into our centers.  One center worked with animal picture cards to write quotations for the animals, one worked with me on word choice in writing, one listened to our main story online, and the other wrote to a prompt connecting a character from Winn Dixie to our current story. 


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