Monday, August 29, 2016

Another busy start to our week!  New spelling words should be in planners tonight! 

We started reading about Noah this morning in religion.  We discussed how the flood was a precursor for baptism!  

In math we solved addition and subtraction problems using bar models.  The kids showed each other how they solved the problems on the SmartBoard.  Tonight's homework is practice 1.8.  This is the end of chapter 1.  We will review place value, addition, subtraction, and estimating before our test.  The test will be on Wednesday. 

In science we observed our evaporation trays.  The kids were thrilled with the results!  It was clear that limestone and marble had a chemical reaction because they left crystals in the tray!  The rock had changed form chemically!  

In language arts we worked on dialogue!  We first created a list of quotes from each child.  They had to introduce their sentence using a word other than said.  We made a list of 20 words to use other than said!!!  After this activity the kids started planning the dialogues they will write this week.  The dialogue will be of two people who disagree, but come to a resolution by the end.  We will put these ideas/thoughts/sentences/quotes into a paragraph tomorrow.

I gave the kids work time in social studies and we're soooo close to being finished with the region presentations!  

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