Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We started our morning by reading about The Tower of Babel independently.  Tomorrow we will find the story in the Bible and add a map of the regions where Noah's sons settle to our notebooks. 

We took the chapter 1 math test today.  The kids said they felt good about how they did :)

We started a new lesson in our Journeys book today.  We read The Power of W.O.W. in small groups. This story was written as a play, so this way each child was able to have a part.  We came together to discuss the story and some up with the theme!  Theme, or the lesson we learn or message we come away with, is challenging and we will practice it often this year!

We visited the Adoration Chapel this afternoon :)  I borrowed a phamplet about Eucharistic Adoration that contained some tips and info for us and shared it with the class. 

We did some ITBS practice this afternoon.  Testing begins Sept. 7th!  

We ended our day with some typing practice.  Typing, as in use home row and have your hands resting on the correct keys :)  We are making actual typing a focus this year across K-5!  I can't wait to see how their skills improve!

A homework free night!

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