Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our day went by quickly today! We had our first PE and Spanish classes!  What fun :)

We worked with perimeter in math today.  The kids did a good job!  Tonight's homework is IXL BB.1.  They are to work for 30 minutes OR until they earn a SmartScore of 100.  The questions on IXL adjust depending on whether the kids get their answers write or wrong, so everyone can have different questions at a different time.  I will be running a report tomorrow morning to check for homework completion.

The class had a really fun Spanish class this morning!  The Spanish teacher speaks only Spanish :)

We worked on the computer this morning to try out a new activity on ThinkCentral.com.  We completed an activity called Destination Reading.  We practiced locating our "assignments" and briefly talked about printing.  We also took our lesson 1 assessments today.  They are coming home graded today. There were some no name papers.  We are working hard on remembering our names :(

We completed our observations of soil today.  We drew what we saw in the vials with soil and water and then discussed a definition for soil.  The kids had to respond in their notebooks with their definition and some information about what we learned in our experiment.  

We didn't get to ss today! Aaahhh!  I told them that's the story of our life in 4th grade- always have more to do than we have time for! heheh  We'll catch up later this week :)

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