Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sorry for the late post!

We will have a math test tomorrow on estimation, place value, and addition and subtraction of large numbers.  We have been working on these skills for some time in math class.  The kids completed a review/test today.  Typically, I will let the kids complete the review/test and if they miss less than 2, they don't have to re-test the following day.  I am usually able to grade them same day, however, today I had to make sure to get science notebooks back after they wrote their last reflection, so they could use them during the afternoon on their investigation assessment.  Tonight's math homework is a little different for everyone, but everyone has something!

After some additional review on quotations, the kids started their rough drafts of their dialogues.  We have some really nicely written dialogues right now! I can't wait to read them all and for the kids to complete their final copies.

We discussed the flood today in religion.  Father Dennis joined us for our discussion.  He just listened, but I could tell he was impressed with the thoughts the class had on the feelings Noah must have had being asked to build the ark ;)

A handout came home today about the Night Under the Stars class basket.  Our theme is Ladies Pamper Basket.  There were some ideas on the handout for donations you can seek from local businesses.  Mrs. Erskine and Mrs. Cannizzo (the wonderful volunteers planning this fun event) had a great suggestion at Curriculum Night- they suggested sending a letter to local businesses who advertise in local mailers asking for a donation.  Please see Mrs. Erskine for more info on how to go about this in more detail :)  Thank you in advance for your participation in making our basket awesome!

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