Monday, August 22, 2016

The start to our second full week went amazing!  The kids came ready to work and learn today :)  We discussed who Cain and Abel are in religion today.  The kids had to draw and write about both men in their notebooks.  We discussed ways that we can sacrifice in thanksgiving to God.

We practiced comparing and ordering numbers in math today.  The kids all have a place value chart in their desk folder to use if necessary.  If there are struggles on homework with place value, I suggest drawing out a place value chart.  We ran a little short on work time today, so the homework is to complete the lesson pages.

We needed to spend some time in science organizing all the new things we've been learning, both in our notebooks and minds :)  We created a table of contents for our notebook and responded to our essential question about weathering. We will move onto chemical weathering this week!

We practiced reading maps with longitude and latitude lines.  The kids did great! There is some social studies homework- some basic map reading practice.

In language arts we reviewed different sentence types, took the comprehension test for the week, and worked together to change statement sentences into questions and commands in a paragraph.  I was very impressed on how well the kids did with this!

Have a great night!

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