Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weathering rocks

We started a new lesson in reading today.  Our main text this week will be My Brother Martin.  We are going to be talking about Civil Rights and injustice this week.  The kids worked through centers today, completing 2 of 4.  We used ThinkCentral for the word study and destination reading center, I read with a small group, and one group read our main story independently.  They did a great job, especially considering this was our first time working in centers this year!  Homework is to read the main story either in the Journeys book or online :)

We did some more perimeter practice in math today.  We had kids working independently and in groups on a number of activities, depending on their abilities.  Homework is a perimeter practice worksheet.

We spent some time weathering rocks today!  See the pics below for some action shots and the results!

I hope to see you all at Curriculum Night tonight.  6:00 in the church for all, and then breakout sessions in classrooms at 6:30!  

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