Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We are officially finished with ITBS and CogAt, with the exception of make-ups.  Two important things are coming home tonight-

1) A note from Mrs. Trayer about recorders.  Students will need to have a recorder by September 26th. You may purchase one from her or on your own.  If you purchase on your own, please get a 2 or 3 piece recorder, NOT a one piece.

2) Your conference time on Friday, September 23rd.  Please complete the bottom portion of the page and return to school with your child ASAP!  

The kids started planning out some poster designs for our school supply drive today.  They must create and submit designs to me so we can choose as a class and create our final posters this week.  We have some really creative designs!  Remember, our drive will be September 26-30th!  

River "wow-ing" his classmates with his Espanol!
Learning the months of the year!
The kids earned coins (monedas) and traded them in for dollars in Spanish today!
Solving multiplication problems modeling the distributive property!

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