Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We had a great day and got so much accomplished, however, there are some more important things I want you to be aware of!  Below is the info I sent via email-

Good Evening Parents! 

A few things:

1) The main hall is being tiled tomorrow, so our class will be held in Ms. Wicker's room- across from the Teen Room, near the church.  I have instructed the children to go directly to that room in the morning.  We have prepared our materials so we can come in our back door to get what we need tomorrow morning.  We will pick up in our usual fashion.

2) Parent Teacher Conferences are on Friday.  Again, the hall will be being tiled.  Please enter our classroom from the outside door- the orange doors facing the parking lot.  And please pardon the chairs and things we are storing in the classroom while the main hall is being worked on :)  

3) Our school supply drive starts on Monday!  The kids had done a wonderful job making and hanging signs, verbally reminding everyone they see, already bringing supplies, and spreading info. and joy around about our service project!  If you are in need of volunteer hours and want something pretty easy, we need someone(s) to bring the supplies to the Phoenix Children's Hospital.  Please let Angela Corso or myself know if you are interested!

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Mrs. Kasper

Please view our pictures from STREAM below :)  Water slides!!!!

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