Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ITBS begins tomorrow!  Please make sure your child is well rested and has a healthy breakfast and snack all week!  We will begin testing each day around 8:30.  We will test almost all morning (with a break and stopping for specials).

Today we had no Spanish, so we had a morning recess :)  It was beautiful weather and the kids enjoyed running off some energy!

We started multiplying with tens, hundreds, and thousands today.  Basically if you can multiply the basic fact in the problem and add the remaining zeros, you can do this!  For example: 6 x 30= 6 times 3 then add one zero.  Tonight's homework is more practice!

We started reading about the covenant God made with Abram today.  We will discuss how Abram is a father of our faith all week!

In language arts we read one of my favorite stories in our journeys book, Stormalong.  Before we read, the kids had to write a prediction about what the story would be about using the pictures and the vocabulary words.  They were kind of shy to share their predictions, but I read some out loud and they were great!  We then read the actual story, which is a tall tale.  Tonight's homework is to re-read the story.

The kids are bringing home their science tests today.....not great :(  The first test is tough- not because of the content so much, as because it's a new format, the questions are asked in a formal manner, and the multiple choice options don't contain 2 of the 4 that are too silly to be correct!  As a whole, the class did well on the short answers, though!  We had finished learning about chemical reactions with acid rain, and it seemed that's all they had on the brain, and didn't think back to the other investigations!  We reviewed all questions today and I informed them that this test isn't being recorded in the grade book.  However, the next one will!

We voted for the new student council board today.  We listened to all the candidates speeches in the hall and then voted.  There were 25 candidates and they all gave amazing speeches!  We will find out the winners on Friday after mass.

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