Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Monday!

We read about the ten plagues that Moses told Pharaoh about in Egypt.  We used the Bible to list the plagues and we will read about each one tomorrow!

We are still dividing in math!  We will be multiplying and dividing for the rest of the year!!!  Even when we start other main topics, like fractions, knowledge of multiplication and division will be used to find equivalent fractions, list multiples, and to multiply and divide fractions.  We will use it for area, too! Please continue to review basic math facts :)  Tonight's homework is practice 4.11- division and checking with multiplication.

We spent a long time on language arts today.  We finished our centers for the week.  One group read with me for fluency, one group illustrated idioms (figurative language), one group completed an independent reading activity for our main story, and the fourth completed "Destination Reading" on  I spoke with the kids today- briefly- about our book report coming up.  I wanted us to start today, but we just ran out of time!  The report will be on a chapter book that the kids have read.  They are aware of this.  If the book they chose is at home, I have asked them to bring it in for reference.  All work for the book report will be done at school.

We explored today and viewed some tutorials on lighting a bulb and finding conductors.  While we have completed some investigations on these topics, the animated activities online are excellent for reinforcement!  The kids also read about Thomas Edison, and most of them learned something new :).

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