Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The kids completed the Chapter 6 review today.  As usually, if they get 2 or less wrong they don't have to take the test tomorrow.  The kids all did really well!  I haven't finished grading them all, but they all said they felt really good about how they did!

The kids finished their earthquake books/brochures.  Once they finished they played Synonym Dominoes.  They enjoyed practicing with synonyms in this way.  We also took our week end assessments.

Tomorrow we have confession, so please review The Act of Contrition tonight.  We will examine our conscience tomorrow morning.   St. Nicholas visited our class last night!  He also visited us during lunch :)

We review what we've learned about the American Revolution today and watched a Liberty's Kids.  The class was really into it and were eager to learn about the War!

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