Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The kids and I had a really nice discussion about the Corporal Works of Mercy this morning during religion!  We also talked about what our class will be collecting for CSW- small shampoo and conditioner bottles (in a set please).  

The kids worked really hard in math today.  We used bar models to solve problems, and they did great!   They must include a bar model on their homework tonight.  

Language arts was different today!  They listened to the main story online and wrote notes (online) as they read.  Then we shared our notes with the class.  This was a great way to get the kids talking about their thoughts and feelings!

We read about the Mexican Cession and the Republic of Texas in social studies today.  We didn't finish our reading, but will try to squeeze the rest in tomorrow! 

Don't forget to send in your CSW letters! 

Thank you to everyone who did cutting for me last night.  Round 2 will be sent home on Thursday or Friday..... :)

The class had to pair up in boy-girl pairs for math.  I've never seen them move so slow ;)
The kids read our main story and wrote on their e-book.  Then they shared their notes with a partner and the class. 

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