Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The kids did great comparing decimals today!  We will review chapter 9 tomorrow and begin chapter 10 by the end of the week :)

We learned about prepositions today and did quite a bit of practice with them!  We also reviewed a few common prefixes and the kids played a tic-tac-toe type game to review them.

We had fun in social studies today.  The kids added another set of pages to their interactive notebook. They read about the North and the South during the 1860s and then completed a compare and contrast chart.  We did the north together and the south independently.  They worked hard at organizing their information.

Each child has a lexile range written in the front of their planner.  After we took the STAR test, I ran a report that gave me a range for each child based on their score.  This is the Lexile range that books that your child would have the most success reading, and at the same time, be just challenging enough for them to increase in their ability.  The Lexile level of a book has nothing to do with the length of the book, but instead on thinks like vocabulary, plot, predictability, pictures (or lack of), relatable situations, etc.  The classroom books in our library will all be labeled with their level and we will bring some iPads to the library so we can all find at least one book in our range!  The website www.lexile.com will be helpful in locating books and their Lexile level.

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