Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Welcome back after a long weekend!  We wrapped many things up before the long break, so we're starting some new things, as well as taking some time for additional practice on some skills we've already learned, i.e. multiplication and division ;)

We are going to be reading the book, Horses, together in class for reading.  We will read a short portion of this informational text together and the kids will complete an activity.  Today they had to draw how horses were used throughout time, and they got really into the different groups, so we started looking in who the Romans were and Genghis Khan.

The kids had to opportunity to correct their chapter 11 math test today.  Precision was important, and it appeared that many of them didn't pay attention to detail.  Each correct correction will be worth 1/2 point.

This week's spelling words are 25 of our states!  As you know, by the end of the year the kids will be tested on ALL the states, capitals, and abbreviations.  While this will count as a spelling grade, it's not the final state and capitals test....that's to come still :)

The kids wrote their trimester 3 goals for school.  Their trimester 2 goals were handed out around report card time.  They were very successful at meeting their trimester 2 goals. They wrote quite detailed trimester 3 goals!

Our Schoolwide Learning Expectations were introduced today.  We have talked about them before, but they are officially in use here at ACS!  You will start seeing posters and banners around school.  We also have reward stickers for the kids as they model the SLEs throughout the day.

Students at ACS want to be a S.T.A.R-
*Strong Communicator
*Thoughtful Citizen
*Active Christian
*Resourceful Learner

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