Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The kids constructed their model membranes this morning.  The goal is to have water slowly drop through the membrane to keep our imaginary frog wet, but not drown him.  We will check our progress tomorrow morning to see if we were successful! 

The kids finished their power points and we have begun sharing them.  I am impressed! They did a great job. They had to add a hyperlink and/or video.  We will view them all by Friday.

Tonight the kids need to read chapters 17-18 in Red Fern.  We will tackle the saddest part tomorrow together.  

The kids worked on a weekly food plan as though they were on ration stamps from WWII.  They were limited on what they were allowed to spend each month.  This was a challenging task!  

Math homework tonight is BB.10 up to a SmartScore of 80 (or for 30 minutes).  There is also a Spanish activity packet due next week. 

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