Monday, May 8, 2017

We will have a spelling test on Friday- it's the last 25 abbreviations.  The States and Capitals test was today!  Please recall, I gave the list to the kids about 6 weeks ago.  We've tested on every state and capital spelling in the meantime.  They have apps to play here as practice.  They sang a song in music.  Despite these things, most of the studying needed to happen at home!  The kids should have been studying the whole time! I will grade them as quick as I can, however, after so many at once my eyes cross and I make a lot of errors.

We started Where the Red Fern Grows today!  This is a challenging book and much of it will be read at home.  We did read the first 3 chapters together today to get going.  Along with each reading assignment, the kids will have a job to complete.  The job will change each night and the reading and job need to be completed the next day for literature circle time.

Another permissions slip is coming home.  This one is for our trip on the 24th . Please sign and return by Friday!

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