Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Happy Wednesday!  We had a very full day! We didn't have any ITBS testing, but we did practice for the CogAT.  We'll take the Cognitive Abilities Test tomorrow morning.  The test is very different from the ITBS.  Ask your child what kinds of questions we practiced with today!

For social studies today the kids completed a graphic organizer for each region in AZ. We'll use these to help us with our first Jane Schaefer paragraph Friday.  

For language arts they wrote the second paragraph to the stories we started yesterday.  We eventually started typing them this afternoon, and we spend time formatting our stories.  The kids learned how to add a header and footer!  Language arts homework is practice page 54. 

Science was quite exciting today!  The kids used two ramps to determine if the placement of the metal ball affected how far it traveled.  The compared how far the balls rolled from 2 different locations on the ramps.  They learned about kinetic and potential energy.  They did great today!  

Get a good night's sleep tonight for our CogAT test tomorrow!  

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